Emergency Communications

As a youngster, RCGJ has been fascinated with the world of radio communications. The thought of talking over vast distances is exciting, but the technology is useful during humanitarian needs in disaster situations. Ray is a holder of a "General" class amateur radio service license under "N6KZM" and a General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) license under "WQIR250."

Backcountry Operations

Taking long drives, wandering in nature, and exploring new places has always intrigued RCGJ.  He fed his intrigue by purchasing various off road vehicles like a Land Cruiser or a Jeep and traveling the back country and back roads of Southern California. Ray combined this passion, with his emergency communication talents, to build a mechanism to fulfill search and rescue needs in the region. Here are some of Ray's most valued sources of information regarding backcountry operations:

SkyWarn Weather Report Tweets by "RIV525" (aka: RCGJ)