What is RCGJ?

The initials "RCGJ" represent the owner's name, "Raymond C. Gayton-Jacob." This site is devoted to his endeavors, interests, and adventures.

Who is Ray?

He is a technology enthusiast, who is eager to discover methodologies to enhance his work in criminal investigations and public safety. His practical experience includes, but is not limited to, aircraft systems, military & civilian law enforcement operations, information technology functionality, and media technology applications. To support Ray's practical experience, he holds a Master of Arts degree in "Psychology" (specializing in criminology and victimology) and a Bachelor of Arts degree in "Organizational Management" (specializing in human resource development).

Aside from Ray's career in public safety, he contributes to the community as a volunteer emergency radio operator with the Riverside City Fire Department Community Emergency Response Team (CERT); as well as the County of Riverside OES/Disaster Corps. Ray is also a Weather Spotter for the National Weather Serviced; with a SkyWarn Designator of "RIV525." His civic volunteer status enables him to stay current on issues regarding Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Communications.


When people ask Ray about his ancestry, he will tell them "I am an Indo."   Subsequently, the question is asked "what's an Indo?" Well, here is the best answer: Click Here.  

Most of his acquaintances refer to him as Radar, Gator, Hyphen, Krazee-Man, or N6KZM (amateur radio operator license).  After graduating from high school, he traveled the world while working as a Crew Chief on an United States Air Force jet cargo plane known as a C-141 Lockheed "Starlifter." 


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